The Canadian Researchers at the End of Life Network (CARENET) is a group of health care professionals from across the country that collaborate with each other to understand and improve palliative and end-of-life care.

Advance care planning can result in more positive experiences for patients, families and health professionals
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Advance care planning (ACP) is a communication process wherein people plan for a time when they cannot make decisions for themselves. It includes reflection, deliberation, and determination of a person's values and wishes or preferences for treatments at the end of life.
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The first time I saw Jessa, she lay crumpled in the ICU bed, paralyzed, expressionless and unable to speak. A military veteran, she had fought in Desert Storm, but she now was facing a deadlier and more inexorable foe: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), aka Lou Gehrig's disease.
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Rapper ZDoggMD addresses end-of-life issues in his remix Ain't the Way to Die.
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Listen to the re-broadcast of the end-of-life and palliative care episode of The Current. It focuses on the importance of talking about end-of-life wishes. You can also listen to a documentary about two very different people, each facing the final chapter of their life.

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Seven Queen's professors earn more than $8.8 million in operating grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Read More>

"Humanizing the environment when somebody is dying can be a challenge in the ICU. And it's this challenge that were trying to address, among others ... tithe the three wishes program." Read More>

Researchers found that playing a game may help large numbers of people share their advance care plan
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The Department of Oncology, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary in conjunction with CancerControl Alberta, Alberta Health Services at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre and the Clinical Departments of Oncology and Family Medicine, Calgary Zone, invite applications for a full-time academic position within the discipline of Palliative Medicine, at the Assistant Professor level or higher. 
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Discussions on how people want to die don't happen soon enough. Read more>

The Supreme Court has lifted the ban on physician-assisted dying. Find out what this means for organizations like CARENET in this latest communique from the Canadian Medical Association. Read more>

Journalist Sharon Kirkey explores end of life care in Canada's hospitals.
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A new study by CARENET researchers published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal) asked older patients and their families for their top priorities and found gaps between what patients would like and the care they actually receive.
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Fri Jan 23 2015, Calgary, Alberta
Join colleagues in a planning session to advance our agenda to improve end-of-life (EOL) care in the ICU setting
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A new study from John You about the barriers to goals of care discussions. Read more>

New Canadian research is revealing the moral distress that nurses and doctors experience while working with critically ill patients.
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CBC's The Current recently aired a discussion on Advance Care Planning and end-of-life care. Listen now>

Heyland DK, Pichora D, Dodek P, Lamontagne F, You JJ, Barwich D et al. The development and validation of a questionnaire to audit advance care planning. J Palliative Care Med 2012;2(5).

CARENET launches i-GAP study: improving advance care planning in general practice
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Accompanying our patients at the end of their journey - College of Family Physicians of Canada takes a stand on end-of-life care. 
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Learn about the ACCEPT COLLABORATIVE and how your institution can participate! Coming fall 2014!
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Read how to rescue your grandmother from our own health care system that will 'torture' them at the end of life
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CARENET researchers launch i-GAP study: improving advance care planning in primary care
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