Dr. Daren Heyland - end-of-life and the CANHELP tool: 

Dr. Daren Heyland, Kingston General Hospital, talks about making choices and satisfaction with care at the end of life, and how the CANHELP tool can guide patients and caregivers by helping them understand what's important to them,how satisfied they are with the care they are receiving, and how they can communicate their wishes to the health care team.



ACP Conversations

"Conversations" features real-life stories and thoughts from researchers, health professionals and family members about sharing our thoughts for end of life care. (sound required)



Speak Up Video:

This short video explains why advance care planning is important for you and your family. (sound not required).



Talking to #mycommunity 

This short video about the importance of talking to #mycommunity about end of life wishes.


CPR Video:

This video is intended to be a CPR decision aid.


The decision aid with English subtitles:


Heyland D (Writers), Kryworuchko J, Gallagher R, & Nicolle D (Producer) . (2012). A Decision Aid to Prepare Patients And Their Families For Shared Decision-Making About Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)[Video format patient decision aid]. Vancouver, BC: Providence Health Care. (Available at https://vimeo.com/48147363).



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